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Lost Tooth Register Card

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Lost Tooth Register Card  
  An indispensable document to register all of a child’s lost teeth and remember one of the most fun and emotion times in a child’s life.

Do you remember when your first tooth fell out? Do you remember when your sons or daughters first tooth fell out?
Do you remember those gap-toothed smiles that brought even more smiles?
And the thrill of putting the tooth under your pillow? Our feelings, theirs…
It is too bad that experiences of this kind are lost in the memory, and that is how the idea of the Lost Teeth Card was born, a card we also wanted to give more content to.
The Lost Teeth Card is a document to keep a record of the tooth loss, specifying the date and type of tooth, and it includes a drawing with which children can learn to identify the teeth in our mouth.
The falling of the first teeth is a very exciting moment in a child’s life, often accompanied by the appearance of fantastic characters such as the Tooth Fairy. This card allows us to keep in our memory the feeling of this moment that we, parents and children, usually share.
As it is presented in the form of a card it also allows us to include a photograph of the child showing his or her toothless smile, so this document will undoubtedly become a very moving document in the biography of our sons and daughters.
Age: 5 – 10 years
Size: 8,5 x 11,5 cm