Ivory White Balance Bike with helmet

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The chic woven basket, retro design and white tyres, as well as the matching helmet: the design team has done it again for this model of balance bike!
Baghera absolutely wanted to offer you this gentle delightful new model, as ever in the vintage spirit that is dear to our hearts.
The basket is removable at will (in this way, your child can imagine setting out on a picnic with their small shopping basket, for example).
No matter what your little boy or girl has planned, our beige balance bike will bring them safely to their destination, with the chic touch that only Baghera has to offer.

Are you looking for a balance bike that will please both girls and boys? Opt for our beige pedalless bike. A gentle, neutral colour that suits all tastes.
Its camel-coloured saddle and handles and rattan basket enhance the whole. This way, there's no arguing about 'girl colours' or 'boy colours'
(nevertheless, if you prefer to go for colour, our balance bikes are available in other colours 

With its height-adjustable saddle and handles, your child will be able to grow while remaining comfortable in the saddle of their little pedalless bike.
Thanks to their balance bike, your child will easily develop their sense of balance. In this way, the transition to a classic bike will be all the more natural and easier. Your little one will approach this new stage in their development without stress.
Riding their balance bike will develop their confidence and help them to better understand their centre of gravity.

Thanks to its robust metal structure and the care taken in its design, our Ivory White balance bike can be handed down. It will open the road from one generation to another. So, you are sure to make a lasting gift that will please big brother, little sister or nephew alike. The Baghera balance bike is made to last!
Beyond the solidity of our products, you will be choosing a retro-chic gift that will please young and old alike.
Don't delay!

Age3 - 6

Dimensions40 x 56 x 86 cm

Weight6 kg

Assembly Time20 min

Seat height38 à 48 cm