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Color: Pink


Is my child safe in the bathroom?

Is the bathing water too hot? Is it too slippery in the bathtub?
As a parent, you are always worried that your child is going to slip or burn in the bath!

Waterhero Bath mats detects when the bath temperature is correct and has an anti-slip feature that counteracts the risk of your baby slipping in the bath!
WaterHero Bath mats help you to relax while your child is enjoying the bath.

TOO HOT – burn?
WaterHero Bath mats show when the bath water is too hot by changing colour at too high bath temperatures. When the temperature in the bath becomes too high (about 37 degrees Celsius), the entire mat changes colour from its original colour to white – making it easy for parents to see when the temperature is safe! Protects your child from burning!

RISK OF SLIPPING – Slipping in the bath?
WaterHero Bath mats are well designed to minimize the risk of slipping in the bath. With 40 suction cups per bath mat and a unique anti-slip protection pattern, your child can feel safe in the bath! WaterHero Bath mats are also very easy to clean!

WaterHero Bath mats are customisable and fit both in confined spaces like the sink as well as in the bathtub. Place one or two bathmats in the sink or all four in the bathtub. A bath mat is approximately: 18 × 11 cm (4 pieces per package) and is also perfect for travelling!

WaterHero Bath mats are available in 3 beautiful colours; Blue, Pink and Dark Gray.