Potty training can be one of the more daunting stages of parenthood. When potty training her daughter, UK mum and founder of Pottiagogo, Anne-Marie, had a problem.
So what was this Problem?
As a busy working Mum, Anne-Marie found herself juggling her work and home life and then it was time for potty training her daughter.
Anne-Marie tried every potty in the market as she tried to find the right one to have in the car, at home, at Granny's house. She bought a travel potty and a separate folding potty. These were either too big, too fiddly or just unstable. After the collapse of a particular portable folding potty, Anne-Marie knew there must be a better potty seat.
She realised there was an opportunity to come up with a new travel potty that could be used both in the car and at home - a travel potty that would be light and easy to use even with just one hand. 

Speed of use was extremely important as when her daughter needed to go she just needed to go!
Being an avid fan of racing, Anne-Marie's goal was to create a potty seat inspired by the reliability, speed and WOW moment of a racing car pit stop!
The design started with cardboard cut-outs and so began her obsession.
Anne-Marie pitched the folding travel potty at a start-up event. From there she began to connect with IP lawyers, inventors, engineers, designers and brand marketing gurus.
After securing some grant funding, she was able to make the first prototype. She then spent lots of time with parents and retailers gathering their feedback. 
Everyone said that if this folding potty could open with the flick of one hand, it would solve a major problem and they would happily buy it.
So some more thinking time and seven prototypes later she came up with what some called, quite simply, the most amazing travel potty.
The Pottiagogo is the world's first one-handed opening travel potty. 

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