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Post Bite Soothing Gel

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Zenina is a soothing cream gel to relieve itching after an insect bite.
Its formula, with a refreshing and soothing action, is indicated to relieve itching caused by insect bites (mosquitoes, bees) and irritating organisms (nettle and jellyfish).
Based on natural plant extracts, it gives immediate relief to burning and itching, calming the skin and containing the tingling sensation.
Suitable for any type of skin, sensitive skin too. Ideal for children. Non-greasy. DOES NOT CONTAIN AMMONIA.

Apply a small amount of product to the affected area immediately after the sting. Gently rub. The product can be re-applied after 3/5 minutes.

Dermatologically tested on sensitive skins with essential oils and natural fragrance, free of: dyes, Alcohol, PEG. It does not contain AMMONIA, Made in Italy. Each production batch is tested for nickel *, chromium *, cobalt * (* <1ppm)