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Create your most beautiful works of art with these magic spray pens and cheerful stencils with animal figures such as butterfly, ladybird and bee. The spray pens give a nice special airbrush effect and the special thing about this set is that you can change the colour with one of the blow pens, for a magic effect.


- 5 spray pens
- 4 stencils
- white paper
- instructions
- Suitable for children from 4 years of age
- Complete set with 5 spray pens, 4 colours and 1 magic pen
- Set includes cheerful stencils and stickers
- Make your own drawing, artwork, painting or e.g. cards or invitations
- Use stencils or create your own design
- Tip : protect the surface/table you are working on with a newspaper or paper
- Tip : close the blow pens tightly so that you can reuse them for a long time
- Want to expand with more colour blow pens and other templates ? Check out Totum "regular" spray pens
- For the colours red, yellow, purple, green and blue
- Stimulates creativity and imagination