Totum Set creatie XL Paw Patrol

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With this extra large drawing, coloring and painting set you have everything at hand for your most beautiful Paw Patrol creations: marker, crayons and coloring pages. Handy for at home or when traveling.

The set contains:

  1. Coloring book with 12 drawings
  2. 12 colored crayons
  3. 10 felt-tip pens
  4. Laser stickers
  5. 8 colors of paint
  6. Brush
  • Suitable for children from 3 years, boys and girls.
  • Stimulates imagination and creativity.
  • Bring all your Paw Patrol heroes to life in your own creations and drawings.
  • This set also exists with a Frozen and Unicorn theme.

In the Paw Patrol series from Totum you will find all kinds of fun activities such as designer drawing and activity books, stamping, iron-on beads, stickers, making bracelets, scratch cards and coloring books. Hammer Tap, pixels, coloring cup, plaster set and larger boxes with multiple activities. Choose your favorite age-appropriate items, combine them or collect them all.