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Sunscreen Indicator 10-Pack

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Am I protected? When should I apply more sunscreen?

Do you always have the same problem on the beach, is the sunscreen protecting or not? With the Sunscreen Indicator, you’re not guessing. It changes colour from white to purple when it’s time to apply more sunscreen. Enjoy the beach life and boost your health without burning yourself!

PROTECTED? – when should I apply more?
The Sunscreen Indicator shows when it’s time to apply more sunscreen by simply changing color when sunscreen has stopped shielding.

USING THE PRODUCT? – how do I do it?
Apply the Sunscreen Indicator easily to the body part that is most exposed to the sun, preferably one of the shoulders. The indicator shows if you are protected by sunscreen or not. It easily shows when it is time to apply more sunscreen or avoid the sun by changing color from white to purple. It is water resistant and can be used throughout the whole day.

The Sunscreen Indicator is a small (18mm) round patch-shaped indicator which is also very thin.

The Sunscreen Indicator is made of skin-friendly material. The Sunscreen Indicator is function tested by Research Institutes of Sweden. It is also skin irritation tested by the SGS Institute Fresenius Germany.

The Sunscreen Indicator is available in two pack sizes, Children Pack with 10pcs or Family Pack with 24pcs.