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Baghera is extremely proud to partner with the iconic Fiat brand to bring this Fiat 500 Roadster to life. This collaboration between Baghera and the Italian brand symbolises the perfect marriage between Baghera's expertise in designing vintage carriers and Fiat's timeless automotive heritage. Together, we have recreated the legendary Fiat 500, a car that has survived the generations and is still present in people's hearts and on the world's roads. With our unchanged passion for design, we have brought this Fiat 500 carrier to life, hand in hand with the brand, offering little ones the opportunity to make an automotive icon their own.

From the moment your child takes his first steps, the world opens up to him, even if he's not yet completely sure of his legs. Just imagine the look of delight on their faces when they climb aboard our Fiat 500 Roadster! And a little bird tells us that their parents will be proud too!
With this Fiat 500 carrier, your child will rediscover his everyday environment in a different way, whether in the garden, the living room or the garage. His or her first hesitant journeys will give way to the growing confidence of a future driver.

As usual, the bodywork and wheels are metal. The wheels are hemmed in rubber for good grip and quiet running.
Our Fiat 500 carrier combines timeless retro style with elegant details, such as its pastel blue colour, reminiscent of the original version. A chic experience on every journey!

Looking for an original gift for a birth, birthday or christening? Give the Fiat 500 Baghera carrier, which can also be used to decorate your baby's bedroom until he's comfortable on his feet. Then it's on to hours of adventure and laughter, accompanying the child until he's three and off to school. The gift of a Fiat 500 Roadster is a gift of hundreds of memories