Doudou et Compagnie

Pink Bunny BOH'AIME with comforter

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The puppet with Doudou BOH'AIME Pink rabbit , a pretty face accompanied by a Doudou vice versa! An ultra soft and soothing side, another with a very fresh cotton print created by our stylists!
Format adapted to the morphology of newborns to gently awaken them to the world around them, this Doudou is presented in its pretty matching case, this product benefits from THE DOUDOU GUARANTEE. Thanks to its unique number, lost Doudou is quickly found! Register your Doudou and discover all the guarantees on the website

• Precious companion that soothes baby with its softness, presence and familiar smell

• It's another you who reassures him and helps him to better live the separations

• Thanks to him baby can share, express his feelings

• Small size suitable for newborns

• Cuddly toy presented in a surprise flower box, you can insert baby memories! (photos, memories of the baby's birth)