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Non-contact Infrared Baby Thermometer

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Easily get temperature results within 2 seconds, after pointing the thermometer to the target from a distance of within 1cm to 5cm. Our advanced infrared temperature sensor with high sensitivity ensures highly accurate readings, giving you peace of mind that you are providing the very best possible care for your family. Quickly identify a fever with our smiley face and colour backlight system enabling you to take swift and appropriate action. A temperature in the normal range will show green with a smiley face – giving you the reassurance that all is well. If the temperature is above the normal range, the LCD will show yellow or red with a sad face.
Non-contact readings are not only safe but also more hygienic. The measuring range of the thermometer in forehead mode is between 0 °C- 100°C (32.0°F - 212.0°F). The thermometer has a memory function for 50 previous readings so you can easily track changes in body temperature. 
The Sweet Dreamers CE approved Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer measures human body and/or object temperatures based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or the object (such as milk or water). 
The thermometer is also easy to read in the dark, so is ideal to use when your baby or child is asleep, plus it can be muted so that it does not disturb your little one while they are sleeping.

It also has 2 different modes so it can be used on both body and surface – meaning you can measure the temperature of not only your baby but their milk as well!  Thermometer comes with a handy travel pouch to help keep it clean.

features and benefits

  • CE approved.
  • Measures human body and/or object temperatures.
  • Contactless results within 2 seconds.
  • Highly accurate.
  • Clear smiley face and colour backlight system.
  • Comes with handy travel pouch.
  • Requires x2 AAA batteries.

    Requires 2 x AAA batteries – NOT SUPPLIED.