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MilkHero Bottle Brush - Blueberry - EB


Which dish brush is the best one for your baby bottle?

Smart ergonomic silicone brush

MilkHero Bottle Brush is a clever silicone brush with a 360-degree rotatable handle that makes it easy to clean the bottle’s walls and bottom part. The handle is grip-friendly and ergonomically designed, it has never been easier to hand wash a baby bottle before!

Soft silicone brush - Gentle to the bottles!

The MilkHero Bottle Brush is a soft silicone brush that cleans the bottle thoroughly without harming it.

MilkHero Bottle Brush - avoids the risk of bacterial reproduction!

By using the MilkHero Bottle Brush you avoid the risk of bacterial reproduction since it does not absorb water.

Good material choice - Specially chosen material

The MilkHero Bottle Brush has been treated with a high temperature treatment which makes the brush more durable in comparison to many other brushes.

Avoid dish brushes that stain easily - Extend the life span

The brush is very good against discoloration of food, which allows it to be used longer than a regular bottlebrush.

Grip-friendly handle that is ergonomic and easy to grip.

Free from BPA and Phtalates.

Dishwasher safe

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