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Maternity bola Glossy gold

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Brilliant and chic, this pendant will accompany you during and after your pregnancy!

The maternity bola is a delicate and refined jewel that highlights your beautiful curves. Specially designed to be worn by pregnant women, harmony balls are an ideal and original gift for moms-to-be

The sweet melody coming out of the maternity bola will accompany you and your baby during those nine special months. The tinkling of the harmony ball is close to the sound of a bell. During your pregnancy, your baby will hear the sweet music of the carillon inside the maternity bola.

Rhodium and gold-plated, the Glossy bola harmonizes perfectly with your pregnant silhouette. Elegant, modern and minimalist, it is the ideal gift for future-moms! Mounted on an adjustable black cord or you can customize your bola while purchasing our gold chain for a full gold look! Our glossy maternity bolas are delivered in a beautiful box making it a great gift item for any mom-to-be.