Totum Loomset, 700 pcs.

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With this classic in a new rainbow jacket, known from a few years ago, you won't have to be bored for a while: with this device, loom rubber bands and beads, you can make endless fun creations such as rainbow bracelets. Surprise your friends or family with a fun self-made bracelet in the most beautiful colour combinations.

This complete craft kit includes a reusable tool and over 700 different colours of loom rubber bands. Of course, you can replenish the set yourself to make it extra long-lasting. Rainbows bring good luck and maybe these bracelets will too, especially if you make them with love! Fun to do alone or together, tinker with Totum!

 - For children aged 6 and up
- Fun for girls and boys
- Loom tool and incl. more than 700 coloured loom rubber bands and beads
- For 4 different types of bracelets
- Suitable for several ages, older children can apply new techniques and their own designs
- Good for concentration and stimulates creativity
- Includes instructions with step-by-step illustrations
- Tip: great as a birthday present or activity for birthday parties: each child takes home a bracelet as a souvenir
- Tip: on YouTube you can find the best examples and creations to copy: beautiful bracelets with different patterns and widths, or figures such as pandas, ice creams, snakes, hearts, anything is possible!