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Your food is guaranteed to stay hot or cold to the very last bite with this Ellipse insulated lunch pot! The pot will keep food hot for 6–8 hours* or cold for 12 hours, making it ideal for taking on the go. This thermos lunch pot is 100% leakproof, and because it's also insulated, it's perfect for hot or cold snacks.
  • 100% leak proof
  • With 2 compartments to keep the ingredients separated
  • The outside of the pot remains cool and dry
  • Keeps your food hot for 6-8 hours* and cold for 12 hours, no need for a microwave

    Always running late in the mornings? We get it! Take your breakfast with you in the Ellipse insulated lunch pot in titanium. How about some chilled yoghurt and crispy granola? The separate compartment in the lid will make sure the granola stays nice and crunchy! This double-walled stainless steel pot will keep your yoghurt refreshingly cool... all the way to lunchtime! You can enjoy your breakfast on the train or at your desk: just add the ingredients together, mix and... tuck in! Want something hot to get you through your night shift, lectures, or gym class, but there's no microwave available? No problem: heat up some soup at home, pour it into the lunch pot, and pop some croutons in the lid. Even hours later, you can tuck into a delicious hot meal! This yoghurt pot will keep food hot for 6–8 hours* or cold for 12 hours.
    The pot is 100% leakproof, and the outer wall will stay cool and dry, no matter how hot or cold the contents are. Both compartments have their own lid, and they can be connected and separated again with a simple twist. The lid of this thermos lunch pot lid is also insulated, so it's not interchangeable with the lid of our regular yoghurt pot. So that you can enjoy your product for as long as possible, we recommend washing the coloured thermos lunch pot by hand. The cap's plastic components are all dishwasher safe.

    Extra tip: To ensure your food stays hot or cold for as long as possible, we recommend rinsing the lunch pot with ice-cold or hot water before filling. *Depending on the type, quantity, and temperature of your food.