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Driver's License

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Driver’s license  

The perfect complement to the gift of a bicycle or scooter.
Includes packaging with a lanyard to hang it.
The Driver’s License for children is the perfect complement when we’re giving a bike or scooter. It is a fun idea with which children not only feel important for having a driver’s license like adults, they will also be able to evaluate themselves and the people who taught them to drive the vehicle, enhancing the complicity and the emotional bond that is created with this type of experience.
With this Driver’s License, we value the memory of when we learned to ride a bike and who was with us at this moment. It is a document where you can record another of the important moments in a child’s biography, and with which you can strenghten bonds between children and adults. Our cards are the ideal resources to register what’s truly important, to construct memories and get excited together.
Age: From 5 to 10 years old
Size: 8 x 11,5cm