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Comforter Pollen The Organic Bee

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Bees are essential to the balance of ecosystems, let's protect them, as well as our planet. POLLEN is a charming bee, all in organic cotton, GOTS labeled and padded with 100% recycled polyester fibers.

Created in harmonious tones subtly reminiscent of nature: the golden yellow color for the sun and ocher earth, ecru and linen for natural fibers and a touch of blue for water, a vital element, POLLEN seduces also by the visual richness of its prints.
The organic materials used have been carefully chosen to awaken the senses of children.
Velvet cotton, jersey, linen, cotton swaddling as well as refined pique jersey reminiscent of beehive cells, each texture brings a different touch.
This Doudou is also carefully crafted to be easy to handle and meet all the needs of babies.
Presented in a pretty box, it is an ideal gift from birth.
Wash at 30 °, natural or mechanical drying at low temperature.

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions: 23 x 8 x 23 cm
Composition: 100% cotton
Care: 30 ° - natural drying
CE standard