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4 Curve Plus Day Washable Nursing Pads

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4 Essential Plus Day washable nursing pads

Essential Plus Day pack with 4 Day washable nursing pads is ultra-performant.

With a complete absorption and absolute comfort all day long, Curve nursing pads dry very quickly, up to 8 minutes against skin contact.

Their unique ergonomics and nude color are invisible under clothes. You can also rotate them to be adapted to all of your different bra shapes. Plus an anti-slip system will allow them to hold in place.

Nursing pads ensure maximum freshness all day long, they are antibacterial and anti-odor. Made in France, our Curve washable nursing pads will follow you on this memorable breastfeeding journey.

    Nursing pads: 53% POLYESTER 27% PET 15% POLYACRYLATE 5% ELASTANE