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Comforter Happy Boho Bunny - Pink

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The "Happy Boho" flat comforter with pink rabbit box  is an adorable gift for toddlers! Soft and colorful, this little rabbit will quickly become his favorite companion. Stylish, on the “mix and match” trend, with its rosebud-coloured pompom, trimmed with touches of swaddle in shades of blush, as well as fancy trimmings and skilfully coordinated woven ribbons, this happy rabbit sparkles with freshness. Nestled in a superb gift box with graphics evoking both modernity and luxury, as if in a magical setting, this surprise cuddly toy is delicately revealed...

• From birth

• 25 cm
• a box so prettily illustrated that it will be kept and upcycled for sure
• birth gift
• an interesting mix of materials and trimmings for Baby's awakening