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From first spoonfuls to big platefuls – the Mepal Mio children's plate is ready for anything! The plate is very robust and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use

What's for dinner?' Do you have children who ask this question every single day too? Inquisitive little minds who want to know at breakfast what will be on their plate at dinnertime? We've developed the Mepal Mio children's plate especially for these enthusiastic eaters (and the less enthusiastic ones too). It makes child's play of eating independently. And it's made of a super-robust material, which means it won't break, no matter how many times it's dropped on the floor.

  • Easy to use for children
  • Can endure rough handling
  • Plate is microwave safe
  • With smart grip
Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)

220 mm / 8.7"

220 mm / 8.7"

20 mm / 0.8"

160 gr / 5.6 oz
Dishwasher safe
Suitable for dishwasher
Freezer safe
Suitable for freezer
Microwave safe
Suitable for microwave
Suitable for contact with food
Suitable for contact with food
0% BPA
0% BPA