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The Challenge Card is a simple and fun tool to stimulate effort and responsibility in our children, through a positive reinforcement exercise.

The card is a tool for the the parents or guardians of the child to help him/her achieve correct or expected behavior, through the assignment of tasks that are identified in the card as “challenges.” For their part, children can set the goal they wish to achieve by overcoming these “challenges”. For example, to get a movie afternoon with friends, you may have to overcome the challenge of dressing alone every day or tidying up toys after playing.

The card allows you to set the period in which these challenges can be overcome. Ideally, not more than a week, as experts advise that the pleasant stimulus or reward with which the child is rewarded is short term to avoid frustration.

It is important to point out that this proposal is not intended as a tool for “re-education of children’s behaviour”, as we believe that this type of exercise is for experts in the field, which is not our case at all. This Challenge Card is designed to transform small conflicts into a source of complicity and excitement between parents and children. That is why we propose it as a game of challenges, because it is important that children can understand the card as a playful proposal and are excited to complete it.

Aesthetically, the card is based on a concept reminiscent of video games, enhancing the child’s perception as a playful exercise.

Our cards are the ideal resources to register what’s truly important, to construct memories and get excited together.

The Challenge Card is part of the Memorable Editions, a small collection of Cards and Passports designed to record and value some of the most important episodes in children’s life. Experiences such as the first bicycle, the fall of the first tooth, the first independent readings, or the memory of some trips or holidays that we will always remember. Like all the Me&Mine products, the Memorable Editions collection seeks to encourage complicity between children and adults.

Even the smallest actions have repercussions.  We want our products to have a positive impact on the world, no matter how small, that is why we print our cards in companies in the social sector.

Recommended age : From 5-10 years old