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Babocush comfort cushion

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Newborn comfort cushion with vibrations and heartbeat sound to create a womb-like experience for unsettled young babies.

Contented tummy time 
Relieves wind and colic
Soothing vibration and heartbeat 
Reduces risk of flat-head syndrome
Promotes cognitive development

Comes complete with shaped mattress, mattress protector, soft outer cover with five point harness, soothing vibrations and heartbeat sound and two straps to attach to your own bouncer or rocker. (rocker and batteries must be purchased separately).

What age range is the Babocush suitable for?  

Your Babocush is suitable for newborn babies and can be used on a rocker or bouncer chair up until the age of 3 months. From age 3 months to 6 months, your Babocush can be used on its own on a non-slip flat surface. The adjustable harness is suitable for babies up to the age of 6 months.

Attaching to a rocker

Your Babocush cushion is designed so that it can be attached to a rocker (although this isn’t supplied with the cushion). This means you can combine the great design of the Babocush with the practicality of a soothing rocker for your baby.

Attaching your Babocush couldn’t be easier, or safer – simply use the two sturdy straps to secure to your rocker or bouncer and sit back and catch your breath while baby relaxes.

Babocush from JOURNEYFOR on Vimeo.

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