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We are Mepal. It's nice to meet you! We want to invite you into our world, one full of bright ideas and innovative solutions. Products that help you get more out of life by making things a little simpler and easier.
So you won't find just any old storage boxes in our collection, but really smart storage boxes. Not just a simple tub to take your yoghurt and muesli to work in, but a specially designed yoghurt pot that's guaranteed leakproof. Not just an ordinary lunch box for school, but a smart lunch box with a bento tray that makes child's play of creating healthy and varied packed lunches. We have matching leakproof drinks beakers and pop-up bottles to go with it too! And how about taking your morning latte macchiato along on your commute? We have the perfect travel mug, insulated, of course, but also designed to allow you to fully enjoy that delicious coffee aroma.
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