LÄSSIG, meaning casual in German, is not only the name of our two founders, Claudia and Stefan Lässig, but also an important part of our brand ID. At LÄSSIG, the name says it all – our products are just like us – fair, modern and conscious of our responsibility. That’s why we create styles that are as casual as they are uncomplicated while impressing with their outstanding design and quality. Products that are fun and that make everyday family life a whole lot more relaxed, and simply more casual.

Lässig GmbH = benchmark for sustainability competence in the baby and children’s sector

We offer high-quality, sustainable and innovative products for the whole family. With our brand we show that creativity and lifestyle are compatible with sustainability and responsibility. We care.

Then as now, we set out with the goal of revolutionizing the market for baby products. With clever eco-styles that make everyday life easier for young, modern families and make the world a little bit better. To achieve this, we defined four values that have shaped our LÄSSIG ID from the very beginning and still determine the actions and dealings of our entire LÄSSIG family.

It all began in 2006, with a diaper bag that was not only fashionable, but multifunctional and sustainable. This was the starting signal for LÄSSIG. Founded in the Hessian town of Babenhausen, we as a family business, pursue the goal of combining profitability, humanity and sustainability, in the best possible way.
What started with a simple idea has now become a colorful world that we have created – step by step as a team. With high-quality, sustainable, stylish and functional fashion and lifestyle products for babies, children and parents, we meet the demands of modern families in over 50 countries.

Every living being on our planet is important and valuable, as are our natural resources. That is why a mindful, respectful approach to humans, animals and nature, is a matter of course for us. The actions of the entire LÄSSIG team are characterized by social as well as ecological responsibility and great passion: Together we want to produce quality, Eco styles that families can enjoy for a long time. We Care.

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