The brand's «philosophy» is to pass on babywearing not only as a convenient tool, but mainly as a great way for parents to listen to their child and to themselves, to gain self-confidence and regain free will and autonomy, which isn’t easy to keep during pregnancy.

To Love Radius, babywearing is as important as any other aspect of parenting, because it usually happens at the very beginning of parenthood and of the adult – child connection. It is decisive and helps build the foundation of the future communication between the adult and the child, who in turn will become an adult. 

They discovered babywearing when they were given a wrap as a gift after their first child was born.

Babywearing started as a gift and remained a gift to us: a gift both to the adult and the child, that’s how we experience it and how we want to share it.

Babywearing is a lot about sharing «knowledge»: know how to trust yourself, know your Baby, know his needs and reality.

When doing the instruction booklet and tutorial videos, they were careful to keep on passing this on, with responsible sales and marketing practices, for those who cannot come to a workshop.

They wish to offer a real customer service so that people can wear their kids longer and try carries that at first they thought were too intimidating for beginners.

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