Ilado Paris revives the ancestral Mayan tradition of maternity necklace as a meaningful jewellery piece for today's mothers. The "Harmony ball" or "Angel Caller" was traditionally worn by Mayan mothers-to-be. Legend has it that its soft, crystalline chime sound had the power to call the baby's guardian angel.

Your baby will hear a gentle chime every time your pendant moves against the top of your bump. After birth, the soft chime of your necklace will act as a reassuring and familiar sound to remind your baby of the security of the womb. As a symbol of the bond between a mother and her baby, this necklace is also a lovely keepsake.

Ilado was created in Paris in 2015 by Sandra Zeller. Pregnant with her first child and inspired by the discovery of the Mayan tradition of harmony balls, she went on to create the first maternity jewelry brand. Earlier this year she met jewellery designer Naïs Sae-Jiw. Inspired by the beauty of ancestral know-how, she creates for Ilado a first collection combining organic design and precious material. 

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