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Belle & Beau Handmade

Belle & Beau was born out of a strong love for good quality children's items and probably a good dose of nostalgia for old school, classic accessories.
Belle & Beau designs and creates collections made from fine fabrics and beautiful colours that work harmoniously into the wonder and whimsy of childhood fun and adventure. The brand's goal is to infuse style, personality and playfulness into children's fashion. All creations are handmade with love.
Belle & Beau is our first 'home-grown' brand. Our paths crossed with Lorinda's a while back. We have worked together on a number of projects, both from a marketing and design aspect, as well as with My Favourite Things and Lorinda’s blog, A Bird with a French Fry. Both coming into the world of kids with our own experiences, skills and talents, it was only a matter of time before a joint venture took off…
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