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Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on October 02 2017

1. You need a changing bag with plenty of space       

Your changing bag needs to accommodate not only all the daily necessities that your baby needs, but your personal essentials too. Carrying around so many bulky things like a breast pump and bottles makes spacious changing bags a MUST! 


2. Organisation is key

When you’re out and about with your little one it can be really stressful if you’re searching in a panic for something that’s at the bottom of your bag! So buying a changing bag that can be efficiently organised is our top tip! We LOVE pockets. Whether it’s for your purse, phone or baby wipes- pockets are life savers. 


3. Changing Mat

One thing you certainly shouldn’t be panicking about is where to change your baby when out. Buying the perfect changing bag means it should have everything- including a changing mat! This will make life much easier for you when you’re out and about with baba.

Another tip: The changing mat can also be used for you and your baby to sit on when picnicking or feeding in the park!


4. Bottle Holder

We definitely recommend an insulated bottle holder. Firstly- For all you busy mums out there, it’s going to keep baby’s bottles warm or cold for up to 4 hours!

Secondly, if your bottle decides to leak- it won’t leak all over the inside of your bag. Thanks bottle holder!


5. Wipe Clean Lining

You know your changing bag is your BFF when it’s got a wipe clean lining! This lining makes any spills or messes so much more stress free and easy to clean up- a stroke of genius we think! 

6. Easy Wipe Pocket

We LOVE a good easy wipe pocket. Rather than rummaging around for your baby wipes- Buy a bag with an easy wipe pocket, usually located on the outside so you don’t even need to open your bag! Fantastic for quick clean ups on the go! 

7. Attachable Stroller Straps

One feature we swear by is attachable stroller straps. Rather than having your bag sliding down the stroller handle and dragging on the floor, stroller straps keep your bag secure and right in front of you, so you can concentrate on your baby. This really is an incredibly helpful feature we couldn’t live without!

8. Ultimately- Stylish!

Finally, you want a stylish changing bag. There are so many great designs and styles out there that double as both hand bag and changing bag for all you Mums to be.


Shop Storksak now, which all have these special features we think are the key to the perfect changing bag. 



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