Baby Massage Tips by Little Butterfly London

Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on October 16 2017

Smooth a few drops of our 'love eternal baby message oil' into your warm hands and massage the soles of your baby's feet. Use firm, gentle, slow strokes from from heel to toe.


 Do long smooth strokes up your baby's leg. Massage from ankle up to thigh and over hip. Massage both legs at once or one at a time. Hold your little one's leg under the knee and gently press it towards the tummy to help release the gas. 


Start your  baby's upper body massage with your hands on their shoulders. Make gentle strokes in towards the chest. Massage your baby's arms by stroking from the shoulders down towards the wrists.  


If your baby's tummy feels soft, massage their belly, with circular, clockwise strokes. If your little one gets unsettled, go on to the next step. Avoid the belly button are if your baby's cord hasn't healed.  


Use your finger pads to massage your baby's face. Stroke from the middle of their forehead, down the outside of their face and in towards the cheeks. Finish by massaging the scalp in small circles. 


Studies have shown that massaging your baby can reduce crying and restlessness, help them sleep more peacefully and reduce constipation and colic. 

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