How Little Butterfly London took Flight ...

Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on October 09 2017

It is now 5 years since Gudrun, the founder of Little Butterfly London, was first inspired to create an exquisite, organic-certified baby skincare range after the birth of her little boy Lucas. Being a new mother it was crucial for her to nurture his delicate skin with the utmost gentle yet effective ingredients whilst ensuring that their pampering time together was truly magical. 

Having a strong passion for luxury skincare since she was a teenager, Gudrun's expectations for her son's babycare products were extremely high, so she spent many years researching and put all her knowledge, efforts and resources into creating Britain's first organic-certified skincare range especially formulated for babies and later also for mothers and mothers-to-be.

Gudrun's guiding principals

1. Ingredients are key. Gudrun always chooses the precious over the ordinary. She only works with the most premium natural and organic plant ingredients available, which must always be ultra-safe and gentle, yet equally effective for delicate, potentially reactive and eczema prone skin. 

2. The products must be 100% pure and free of any potentially harmful or questionable ingredients such as mineral oil, paraffins, parabens, SLS, DEA, TEA, PEGs and artificial fragrances, which is also why she has chosen to work with Ecocert, the world's most renowned natural and organic certification body giving the consumer reassurance and confidence that the products are consistently manufactured to the highest quality and 'clean' standards.

3. All our baby skincare formulas address common baby skin problems and conditions like dryness, extreme sensitivity, reactions and eczema, whilst our skincare products for mothers are truly effective yet naturally also safe to use during pregnancy and the breast feeding period. 

   4. Whilst quality is paramount, Gudrun believes that pregnancy and early days of motherhood is a precious time in your life that passes in a fleeting moment and therefore should be enjoyed and treasured with products, that not only nurture but also look stunningly beautiful and enhance the emotional experience and lift the mood. This is reflected in the extreme attention to detail that has gone into the packaging and the overall luxurious feel and presentation of the range. 

  5. As passing visitors of this beautiful planet we have a responsibility to not only look after ourselves and our children but also our environment, which is why all our packaging must be recyclable and only sourced from trusted suppliers using sustainable and responsible production methods.   

Founder Favourites ....

Luca's favourite product 'Bubbles in the Breeze Top to Toe Wash'. Gudrun's son Lucas loves splashing and playing in our award winning top-to-toe wash.

Gudrun's favourite product 'Love Eternal Baby Message Oil'. Wonderfully rich in vitamin E and lightly infused with mandarin and orange pure essential oils, Gudrun mixes a little of our 100% organic baby message oil with her body moisturiser each day, to help deeply  nourish and help quench her skin's thirst.



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