How does Belly Bandit work?

Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on May 29 2018

We are incredibly excited to introduce Belly Bandit® at My Favourite Things..

Belly Bandit® is the top post-pregnancy shape wear collection 
recommended by physicians, nurses, hospitals, doulas, fitness experts and of course, new mums.

The inspiration behind the brand comes from a centuries-old tradition of postpartum belly binding. Belly Bandit has modernised this age-old practice for today’s mothers and yes, it works! Here is some more information about how Belly Bandit works …

Belly Bandit®  – how does it work?

Compression is a method that the medical community has safely utilised for centuries. Created for women, by women, Belly Bandit® knows that your post-delivery limitations extend beyond not fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans. Along with weight gain and skin stretching, there's mid-section discomfort, weakening of the muscles, and a delicacy of the skin that requires the special support, attention and comfort that only the Belly Bandit® can wrap you in.

    1. Belly Bandit® applies constant medical-grade pressure, which can result in body shaping, muscle memory and the reduction of stretch marks.
    2. Belly Bandit's® custom compression helps expedite fluids through the body's system. It compresses small blood vessels and capillaries to help flush body fluids away from the skin, reduce swelling known as edema, and minimize bruising.
    3. Belly Bandit® compresses the stomach, hips and waist which have all expanded during the course of pregnancy, getting you back faster to your pre-pregnancy size. One reason this works is due to a hormone called Relaxin. Relaxin is released during pregnancy allowing the pelvic joints to loosen and expand so the baby can pass through birth canal. After delivery Relaxin levels remain elevated for up to 8 weeks or longer keeping pelvic joints soft and malleable. By applying the exclusive Power Compress Core™ compression directly to the belly, waist and hips while pelvic joints are malleable helps to guide you back to your pre-pregnancy size or smaller.
    4. Belly Bandit's® medical-grade elastic helps stabilize the pelvic floor and support the spine.
    5. Belly Bandit's® constant compression results in a flatter belly by helping the uterus to shrink faster. It's setting off a chain reaction - once your uterus shrinks, so does your tummy.
    6. Belly Bandit's® universally perfect fit and patented Stretch and Compress fabric will help you look and feel fabulous, in-and out-of clothing.

You can have a look at the collection here 



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