Bonding with baby at bathtime

Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on April 12 2018

by Little Butterfly London

Bathing your little one can be a magical experience and help nurture early bonds. Here at Little Butterfly London, we believe that life is a gift to be treasured and enjoyed. That special time when your belly is growing, those precious moments gazing at your little one … we want to contribute with skincare that goes beyond cleansing and conditioning to bring pleasure and lift the mood.

For some mums and dads, bonding with their baby is instant – like a flipped switch. But for others, a deep, loving bond is built gradually through day-to-day activities, like feeding, cuddling and bathing. Your baby’s first bath is a special milestone for both of you, as well as the ideal chance to bond.

bathtub bonding
Skin-on-skin contact with your baby can help you bond – like the first time your newborn is placed on your chest – so washing your little one is the perfect time to make a connection. You’ll need to watch your baby at all times for safety – but maintaining eye contact and smiling as you wash them will help them feel relaxed and calm in the water, as does talking and singing to them. Try using our luxurious creamy ‘floating on clouds bedtime bath milk’ that caresses and relaxes delicate skin as it nourishes both yourself and your little one with nourishing buttermilk and comforting oat kernel extract.

bonding with dad
In the early days, there are plenty of chances for mum to bond with her newborn through skin-to-skin contact, especially if breastfeeding. Bathtime is an opportunity for your partner to feel part of this memorable time by spending some precious moments bonding too. Our 'bubbles in the breeze top to toe wash’ is a fun alternative to our bath milk as it creates a light and fragrant bubble bath for dad and baby to enjoy. Our organic-certified top to toe wash gently cleanses both body and hair, whilst creating a delicately fragrant bath. Beautifully mild and soothing, it gently cares for the even most delicate, dry and irritation-prone skin.

post-bath massage
Once your little one is dry and warm after their bath, a good way to extend this bonding time is to try baby massage using our 100 % organic ‘love eternal baby massage oil’ which is packed full of nourishing peach, protective rosehip and healing calendula oil. Lovingly stroking your baby is an amazing way to bond – it can help you feel closer to each other, and there are lots of other benefits too. Find a local baby massage class to learn the proper techniques – it’s also a great way to meet other new parents.

start a routine
When your newborn is very young, a bath two or three times a week is enough. Once they’re a couple of months old, bathing becomes an important part of your daily routine – a bath in the evening relaxes babies and toddlers before bed and helps them distinguish between day and night by becoming a signal that it’s time for baby to sleep.

can I bathe with my baby?
You or your partner can have a bath with your baby once they’re around two months old. It’s a safe and very bonding experience, although always make sure you have someone else on hand to hold the baby while you get in and out.



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