Belly Bandit postpartum recovery wear - What are the benefits?

Written by Emma Diacono


Posted on June 28 2018

No two bodies are alike-and as the first-ever medical-grade compression shape wear, Belly Bandit have perfected their designs to wrap around your specific needs. Unlike other compression garments, the benefits of Belly Bandit® extend beyond "Mummy Tummy" to include the other important post-pregnancy physical and emotional issues many women experience.

The postpartum recovery wear and shape wear collection cater to your specific post-pregnancy needs-every inch of the way back to a flatter belly, slimmer waistline, stronger muscles and confident attitude.

Snug, smooth and slimming, Belly Bandit's® universally perfect fit and proprietary Stretch and Compress fabric will help you look and feel fabulous, in and out of clothing. Here are some of the benefits we thought we would share…

a. Adds support to the upper body while breastfeeding
b. Comforts after c section
c. Helps the body lose inches faster
d. Helps minimize stretch marks
e. Adds support to the back and legs
f. Accelerates the healing process
g. Aids in decreased bloating and swelling
h. Encourages core muscle utilization
i. Helps to gently persuade muscles back together
j. Improves posture



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