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The Great Alien Cake Off

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Share this delightful story with a child and get them excited about reading and involved in this new story, discovering how the Earth was made of cake.

Set on planet Cookie Dreams where all the aliens live on biscuits, until a little alien called Zappo and his school friends discover and fall in love with cake.  All the alien parents think they can bake the best cakes, so Zappo’s head teacher decides to put them to the test.  A cake off date is set, but what happens next is out of this world!

A fantastical rhyming picture book set in outer space where aliens get a little carried away with their new-found love of cakes and baking.

This messy tale, full of weird and wonderful characters, is an enthralling story to share with children as they are swept along with the aliens who create more than they bargained for!

Written by Rachel McCoubrie and wonderfully illustrated by Robert McPhillips, this picture book will quickly become a modern bedtime classic that will be enjoyed and shared time and time again.

The Great Alien Cake Off is a gift to read with any child or for them to share with other close friends and family.

Made with love, from you to me.


This is a hardback book with spot UV and foil blocking, Size - Landscape 23.5 x 26.5 cm. With 32 full colour pages, 120gsm paper.

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