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Ewan snuggly - Baby Comforter

€8.40 €12.00


Ewan fans will love our cute cuddly ewan snuggly comforter. The ewan snuggly has supersoft snuggly plush and silky fabrics, knotted legs for fingers to explore and Velcro tail to secure a dummy or teether and help keep it close by. Better still the snuggly fabric can easily absorb mum or dad’s comforting scent to provide extra reassurance and security for your baby as they drift off to sleep.

The ewan snuggly is just the right size for tiny hands to hold and is perfect for cuddling at any time of day.

Product details
Suitable from birth
No batteries required
Weight – 9.07g
Dimensions – 15 x 2 x 20cm

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