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Sun Stick SPF 50+



Face, Lips and Sensitive areas | Protects in extreme conditions

Solar protection becomes enjoyable thanks to EQ's new coloured, 100% eco-friendly sticks. Made from pure, beneficial ingredients to protect sensitive areas, the most long-lasting possible.
100% natural origin, mineral sunscreens, non-ecotoxic on the marine environment


Protects in extreme conditions

Tested and validated by surfers all around the world, EQ gold Sun Stick SPF 50+ VERY HIGH PROTECTION offers a rich and film-forming texture developed to provide a maximum protection under strong conditions of sun exposure, while practicing aquatic sports.

From the EQ scientific research, the range of coloured Sun Sticks SPF 50+ has been developed under dermatological control to ensure you a good tolerance and an optimal protection against UVA and UVB.

Nomadic and handy, it has been designed especially for extreme conditions of sun exposure, over the water or the snow. Ideal for the skin, lips and sensitive areas, the formula has been developed for intolerant skins to chemical filters. Suitable for the whole family, including children

Recommendations for use

To ensure very high protection, apply generously to sensitive areas like the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones and the forehead. We recommend even application before exposure to the sun to ensure the exposed surface is properly covered. The SPF 50+ sunstick is a fun way to protect your children's skin thanks to its concealing, non-runny texture and its different colours.

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