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Sun Pizz Black 6-9yrs


As well as having a super cool Aviator style, these CraZyg-Zag SUN PiZZ sun shades for kids are ultra-flexible and will take on anything kids throw at them on their great adventures: cycling, skiing, skateboarding, rollerblading... Ultra-light, they don't leave marks on the nose and provide category 3 sun protection. Kids just love them!


INNOVATION: Frame in two materials with ultra-flexible ZigZag hinges so you can bend the arms in any direction.


  • Category 3 polarised polycarbonate lenses
  • Anti-UVA, UVB and UVC filter.
  • "Oversize" shape to perfectly cover and protect kids' eyes.


    • Ever-so light shades for everyday comfort.
    • Choice of soft, original materials: Soft Touch, metal-effect and crystal.


    Reusable, recyclable cardboard case.


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