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Little Butterfly

Illuminating night cream - Secrets at starlight

€16.80 €56.00

The midnight miracle repair for tired skin. 

Awaken to beautifully soft, plump and replenished skin with this exquisite night-time recovery cream that works while you sleep to boost epidermal regeneration and unify skin tone. 

Skin-brightening white mulberry and licorice address hyper-pigmentation to help bring back the sparkle from within. Blackcurrant, orchid and blueberry extracts protect cell structures, smooth fine lines and add elasticity for a reignited morning radiance, freshness and glow.


•  Boosts overnight cell recovery for a plumper and smoother skin upon wakening
•  Strenghtens and regenerates dry, stressed and damaged skin
•  Helps reduce skin pigmentation and evens out skin tone
•  Calms, soothes and protects the skin from oxidative stress and premature ageing
•  Non-comedogenic - does not clog pores

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