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Scent of Seas - Toning Body Serum 150ml



The secret of streamlined body contours and beautifully toned skin.

Fuelled with powerful botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals, this high-performance serum assists in restoring elasticity and returns bounce to over-stretched or slack skin, whilst leaving a feeling of instant lightness. Potent poppy seed extracts stimulates the breakdown of fat to help combat cellulite and uneven skin tone, whilst manilkara leaf extracts plumps and boosts firmness. Mineral-bursting Irish moss extractsand sea algae revitalise and stimulating green and black coffee extracts encourage skin resilience, invigorate and tone.


•  Helps protect from / tightens and tones crepey post-pregnancy skin
•  Encourages fat metabolism, stimulates and invigorates
•  Awakens, plumps and renews the skin
•  Improves skin texture and accelerates cell recovery

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