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Glass Water Bottle 400ml - Silicone Coated

€12.50 €24.99

Mint green
Quiet grey
Rose pink
Bright yellow

Glass Water Bottle Silicone Coated

A water bottle in glass is your best choice, it doesn´t release dangerous substances like plastic bottles do.

Our waterbottle is made of lightweight glass material and easy to carry everywhere so you can treat yourself to a refreshing sip between diaper changes and feeding, or why not on the training and shopping round? It has also has an integrated silicone casing which makes it not split if it breaks.

And it's good looking too, isn't it?

  • Light weight glass of premium quality
  • Silicone Coated
  • Free from BPA, BPF, BPS and Phtalates

One package includes 1 glass bottle, 1 cap.

Microwave: Yes

Oven: No

Dishwasher: Yes

Steam sterilizer: Yes

Sterilization: Yes

Our water bottle is made of lightweight high quality glass. In contrast to plastic, it doesn´t give off harmful substances.

The outside of the bottle has a coated layer of silicone. The glass can still break but the coating prevents it from making a mess on the floor. You can dispose the broken bottle easily and there is no massive clean-up needed.

Treat yourself to a refreshing sip on the walk, shopping round or perhaps during workout. Our water bottle is easy to take with you wherever you go.

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