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Cooling leg gel - Fresh meadows



A refreshing circulation booster for instant comfort and relief.

For instant comfort and relief, our energising yet soothing gel rapidly lifts and nurtures swollen, heavy-feeling legs and feet. This fast-absorbing rescue treatment works to alleviate everyday pregnancy strains with its powerful bio-blend of anti-inflammatory ginger, arnica and horse chestnut that stimulates the circulation, eases muscle discomfort and reduces puffiness.

Invigorating peppermint gives a feeling of lightness, while nourishing cucumber, peach and passionflower oils, fuelled with minerals and vitamins, condition the skin and strengthen its elasticity. Regenerating aloe vera, green tea and grape juice boost precious skin moisture and further soothe, delivering much needed relief.


•  Instantly revives, refreshes and lightens heavy-feeling legs and feet
•  Boosts healthy micro-circulation, relieving muscular aches and strains
•  Encourages relaxation, soothes discomfort and alleviates puffiness and swelling
•  Improves skin hydration and boosts the skin’s elasticity and resilience
•  A handbag / travel / on-the-go must-haven

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