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Daring Daddy


A beautifully illustrated story to celebrate the amazing man – Daddy.

Daddy is every child’s hero and he really isn’t afraid of anything - certainly not Bottom-Biting Bog Monsters that are trapped in the toilet, Ghastly Gawping Giants that stare through the window, or things that go bump in the night!

Dramatic and powerful illustrations strengthen the image of Daddy’s bravery in the face of frightening and grotesque creatures, however perhaps there is one thing he is afraid of  . . .  a real page turner to share with Daddy as the child finds out.  

Packed with funny text with delightful ink and watercolour illustrations, M.P.Robertson has created a fabulous book for any child to share with their father.

Made with love and paper

Designed, published and printed in the UK


This is a softback book, size Portrait 290mm x 234mm. With 32 full colour pages, 140gsm FSC paper.

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