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Bluetooth Music Box - Bonnie Grey - Mellipou

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The Bluetooth connected music box dedicated to your baby, that will transform your life.

A quilted design, lightweight and shockproof music box
A jewel of a music box! Cloud shaped, soft, and available in 6 vibrant colors. The it-bam is totally mobile and incredibly autonomous thanks to its high-performance rechargeable battery.
Lightweight, it fits easily into a handbag which means you can take it anywhere you go!

An infinite playlist
Compatible with all audio media (Deezer, Spotify, iTunes etc.), your baby will fall asleep to your favorite playlist via Bluetooth technology.

Become your baby’s rockstar
Personalize your songs and/or messages by recording your own voice.
Unleash your imagination by creating your own stories and original musical compositions
A modern ritual that will bring you closer to your children by lulling them to sleep with the sound of your own recorded voice.

Rich and pure sound
The it-bam allows high-end broadcast quality sound with a built in decibel limit for the comfort of your child.

Login and Remote Management
The it-bam connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth,  
allowing you to connect two devices simultaneously
With IT-BAM’s superior reception quality, you are able to choose the music from a distance of up to 10 meters.

Application Iphone / Android

By downloading the IT-BAM application (available on Apple Store : It-bam and Google Play : It-bam by Mellipou) you can configure the settings for your IT-BAM, manage your favorite playlists, change the volume, and set the timers.

IT-BAM is the only Bluetooth connected music box that guarantees your baby falls asleep  peacefully and wakes to your personalized music.

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