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Doudou Et Compagnie

Hedgehog with handkerchief - DC3631

€9.95 €19.90

Hedgehog plush with soft toy

In the TIWIPI tribe, there is the clever fox, the wow wolf, the very cute bear cub and the prank hedgehog. All very soft, cuddly toys or animal comforters have one thing in common, they all like cuddles. This beautiful hedgehog soft toy is presented in a pretty original box, it is an ideal gift from birth.

• Complies with European CE standards
• Composition: 100% polyester
• Maintenance: use a blanket bag and wash Blanket in a bath at 30 ° so that it retains its softness
• Natural drying or low temperature.
• Think of Doudou's twin so you can wash him regularly.
• You can recycle your gift box into a decorative object, storage box, souvenir box ...

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