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Complete lunch set for every school day. Also very handy for a day out or when playing sports. The lunch set consists of a pop-up bottle and a lunch box with bento box

All set for a new day at school with the lunch set Animal Friends from Mepal. This handy set consists of a pop-up drink bottle and a lunch box midi, including a bento box and fork. The pop-up drink bottle is ideal; press and drink, that's the idea. The bottle is guaranteed leak proof and easy to use with little children's hands. The lunch box fits up to four sandwiches and comes with a bento box and vork. This is how lunch time variation becomes real child's play! Surprise your son or daughter by adding some little snack tomatoes or pack some cheese or a sausage. The possibilities are almost endless! Lovely little extras every day. Also extra nice for mum and dad: both the pop-up bottle and lunchbox are dishwasher safe.
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