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CH1P is a colourful robotic tale of the magic of friendship.

Share this magical story with a child and get them excited about reading and involved in this new story about CH1P, a colourful robotic heartwarming tale of love and friendship.

Set on a rocky planet in the distant future, this hardback book is beautifully illustrated using watercolour paint and coloured pencils.   The central character is a Fixer Robot called CH1P who has lots of friends and is loved by everyone. If anything needs fixing, CH1P can mend it. From Crusher Bots who can crush, Cleaner Bots who clean to Flyer Bots who can fly - they all depend on CH1P to keep them going.

Suddenly CH1Ps world falls apart when his best friend P1N is whisked away to another planet. Devastated, he hatches a plan to rescue her and helped by his friends, he blasts off on an adventure into the unknown. . .

Packed with amazing robots and space creatures this is a captivating story which will grip children with excitement as they are swept along with their hero on his quest to save his friend.

CH1P is a captivating gift to read with any child or for them to share with other close friends and family

Made with love, from you to me.


This is a hardback book with spot UV, Size - Portrait 31 x 24 cm. With 40 full colour pages, 140gsm paper.

Ethically produced from sustainable sources

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