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Cotton blanket - Check - Jollein

€8.38 €20.95


Beautiful, delicate cotton blanket for infants and children. Blanket from the little star collection is a year-round blanket. Perfect as cover during the spring and summer walks as well as coat in the crib during the autumn and winter. Its unique design makes it looks great as a bedspread. It is 100% cotton.

You want your baby to feel nicely warm. But too warm is not good either. Choose a combination of clothing and bedding with a maximum TOG-rate that is suitable for the room temperature. 

Recommended totale max. TOG:
16-19 °C / 2.5  (diaper + body + blanket)
20-22 °C / 2.0 (diaper + body/sheet + blanket)
23-24 °C / 1.0 (diaper + body/sheet)
+24 °C / 0.5 (only diaper)

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