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Modelling Dough Animals

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In this display case you will find 12 pots containing specific colours need to create one of 3 animals, a fish, cat or mouse. There will be four individual pots per animal. Made from high quality materials these non toxic child friendly clays are reusable by dampening once they begin to dry out. Have lots of fun creating these animimals and let your imagination run free with your own creations. Play value and the educational benefits of a toy is an important aspect in the development of Egmont's products. To stimulate and to build the character of a child while at the same time giving them a great time is a core value of the brand.

  • Encourage your children's creativity
  • Great activity for a rainy day
  • Arts and crafts
  • Made from high quality materials
  • All the ingredients to make your own clay animals

The cost is for per pot

Please add colour/characrer request as a note to your order

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