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Myweeteepees is home to beautifully designed hand made teepees. 

A UK based company, Myweeteepees was something of an accidental business, the brand came into being from the combined love of textile design with the need to create a secure play space for Kate's young daughter. It turned into a big hit with all four of their children, who used the teepee for imaginative play, a perfect reading nook, a sensory space, a family chill out zone. Friends and family loved the teepee too and orders soon came in….. to this day their teepees continue to be named after the very first child that design was ever made for :)

All our teepee tents are manufactured with care from soft, yet hardwearing 100% cotton canvas and applique designs are stitched using the highest quality embroidery techniques, creating wonderful little play spaces perfect for your child’s ever growing imagination. Each teepee includes a thick, padded, non-slip mat in matching fabric.


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