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Unique music boxes and mobiles by French brand, Mellipou

Lull your little ones to sleep to the tune of Coldplay, Adele or the Doors...

Contemporary with modern melodies, Mellipou have revolutionised the musical mobile or music box. Ingenious was the first word that came to mind the minute we came across this brand. Not only are the music boxes and mobiles a feast to the eye, but anyone who has endured the continuous (drone...) tune of a traditional mobile or music box can relate to this.

Mellipou is an innovative range of music boxes designed for babies and parents alike, and offers an alternative to traditional melodies, with wonderful songs such as “La Vie en Rose”, “I just called to say I love you”, and “Someone like you”. 

Behind this brand there is Marie Valton, a rebel, overexcited, and passionate woman, who never stopped to sing her love for the music. When Marie became a mother for the first time she longed for a pretty music box to lull her daughter to sleep, and so began Mellipou, with Marie’s style and passion for music she put forward the music box she always dreamed of!

Each Mellipou creation is made by hand in Marie’s Paris workshop and finished to the highest quality and beautiful design.

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